Tourmaline Ring

RG233GT Green Or Pink Tourmaline Ring

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Sleek rings never seem outdated, they will always be a symbol of a chic style statement. When the experts at Kaisilver worked on the design for this gorgeous tourmaline, they set up some of the most challenging parameters. The success of that effort is clearly visible in the features of the ring. We wanted to deliver a tourmaline ring that looked slim and sophisticated but, we wished to ensure that the jewel was sturdy and not fragile.

tourmaline gemstone ring
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Slim rings are comfortable to wear, you will rarely experience any discomfort when doing your daily chores while wearing this tourmaline gemstone ring. Having said that, we have invested significant metal weight into the jewel to make it long lasting and durable. The band of the ring is left solid, no scooping inside to reduce metal weight. The 6mm square tourmaline gem in the center, is set with a sturdy bezel setting. The stone does not protrude too much above the ring surface, this reduces the chances of the gem getting damaged by physical impact. You can request for the ring size of your choice, we can accommodate all ring size requests.

When you choose Kaisilver for your custom jewelry requirements, you are not restricted to any specific set of designs or gems. You could therefore order your tourmaline ring with a round or oval tourmaline, instead of the square shape shown in the image. It is also possible to craft this ring with a larger gemstone, the choice is entirely yours.

The tourmaline gold ring is available in 14k or 18k gold, we can also work out  a price quote for 10k gold. Don't forget that, you also have some amazing gold colors to choose from. Each gold color namely yellow, white and pink gold strikes a different color contrast with the center gemstone. Color is today the center of focus in jewelry today and this, is not limited to just gemstone color. We also affer sterling silver as an option for your tourmaline ring, this jewel will have the same quality standards as its gold counterpart. While plating requests on silver can be accommodated, it is important to understand that any plating on silver will wear off after a while.

An interesting trend has seen both pink and green tourmaline emerging as favorites for wedding and engagement rings. We have designed and crafted this ring to confirm to standards, that would normally be implemented only for formal wear jewels. You could therefore wear your tourmaline ring for both leisure and formal wear. It is true that tourmaline prices have seen a steep rise in recent years but, you can most probably budget for an entire bridal set with this gem for your big day.


How To Buy: Remember that you are investing in a true high end custom jewel, do not be in a hurry to  place your order. Review all details and options in the RG233GT Green Tourmaline Report prices are also quoted for the gold and silver ring.  Send in your questions and requirements to the expert team at you will be provided with suggestions and tips without, being pushed to buy anything. At Kai Silver we custom make all types of jewelry in gold or silver with no restrictions on design or gemstones. You can also request for a custom jewel to be crafted with your own design image or sketch.

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